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Data and Analytics

About Me

My journey in the world of technology began with my passion for problem-solving and creativity. I pursued my interest by studying Wirtschaftsinformatik BSc. at the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg, where I gained valuable knowledge and expertise in various aspects of business and information technology.

Prior to my university studies, I completed my training as a KFZ-Mechatroniker (Automotive Mechatronics Technician) at Mercedes Benz Bollmeyer GmbH, an experience that instilled in me a strong work ethic and attention to detail. Throughout my academic journey, I have continuously sought opportunities to expand my horizons. During my time at iTech BS14 , I further honed my IT and programming skills, gaining a comprehensive understanding of object-oriented programming languages like Java and developing a secure grasp of SQL databases.

Additionally, I had the privilege of immersing myself in the field of software development as a Werkstudent (working student) at pilot Group Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG. This experience allowed me to actively contribute to projects involving data management and automation, enhancing my problem-solving abilities and fostering a passion for innovative solutions.

My proficiency in various programming languages includes Java, Python (including Pandas & Numpy frameworks), and I have also dabbled in C, C++, Rust, JavaScript, and TypeScript. I am well-versed in utilizing Git & GitHub/GitLab for version control and collaborative development.

Work & Education

October 2022 - Present

Pilot group

Software Developer for Data automation

Creating Software Solutions for Datamanagement and Automation.

August 2017 - January 2021

Mercedes-Benz Bollmeyer


Training as a KFZ-Mechatroniker (Automotive Mechatronics Technician)

August 2016 - Mai 2017

Johanniter Unfallhilfe e.V

Federal Voluntary Service

Cared for and transported elderly and handicapped individuals.

September 2022 - Present

Univsersity of Applied Siences, Hamburg

Objective: Bachelor's Degree

Focus on programming, information systems, and business integration.
Topics include software development, data analysis, and IT solutions.
Combining technology and business strategies for efficiency and innovation.

August 2021 - June 2022

iTech Hamburg

Abitur (High school Diploma)

Focus on Programming, Process Engineering and Automation Technology.
Math and IT as a major subjects.

Skills and Interests

Code is my passion, solutions my art.


With a robust grasp on Database systems, my expertise lies in designing highly efficient data structures and optimizing SQL queries for maximum performance. Proficiency in managing database management systems enhances my ability to ensure data integrity and achieve scalability across diverse environments.
I am dedicated to continual learning and applying best practices to support enterprise-level database applications and drive business success.

Business Intelligence

Specializing in Business Intelligence, focusing on developing leadership and management strategies to foster business expansion.
Skilled in guiding teams towards synergistic and efficient operations.
Employing a combination of strategic foresight and practical approaches to steer organizations towards sustained success and high performance.


Driven by a passion for problem-solving and a commitment to excellence, I am naturally drawn to the dynamic world of Consulting. Although my journey has just begun, my enthusiasm for crafting tailored solutions and strategies for diverse business challenges is boundless. Keen to expand my knowledge and skills, I am dedicated to mastering the art of consulting to drive meaningful change and deliver impactful results. Embracing each challenge as an opportunity, I am eager to transform complexities into streamlined and innovative outcomes.

Software Development

Venturing into the world of Software Development with a focus on Object-Oriented Programming, particularly in backend applications. I'm committed to the principles of clean code, striving to produce solutions that are not only effective but also elegant in their simplicity. My goal is to develop software that excels in performance and maintainability, making use of the latest advancements in technology to solve complex problems.
Eager to collaborate on projects that challenge the status quo and innovate in the tech space.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Eager to dive into the fascinating realm of Machine Learning and Deep Learning, my passion for AI drives me forward. Although my experience is limited, my enthusiasm and curiosity are boundless. I am determined to expand my skills and knowledge in this transformative field, seeking opportunities to apply AI to real-world challenges and make a positive impact.

Reverse Engineering

Driven by an insatiable curiosity and a deep fascination for how things work, I am wholeheartedly drawn to the world of Reverse Engineering. Despite limited experience, my passion for unraveling intricate systems and understanding their inner workings knows no bounds. Eager to enhance my expertise, I am devoted to honing my skills in Reverse Engineering and embracing the challenge of dissecting and reimagining technology to foster innovation and creativity.

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